The introduction of team sport uniforms and business apparel helped expand our embellishing capabilities.  By providing turnkey solutions through our in-house screen printing and embroidery, we are able to outfit a player or staff member top to bottom with faster turnarounds and lower cost.

With online ordering becoming more of the norm, the introduction of  Mini-Web Stores soon became a huge hit with the fundraising committees. Basically, we handle all the work and you get the reward. Gone are the days of tallying orders, counting money and delivering product. 

​Call us today to find out more on the Mini Web Stores and how we can set one up for your orgaization in just minutes.

Starting in 2008 Campus Wear began supplying uniforms to private and parochial schools in the North Georgia area. This business grew to a brick and mortar and soon added an online presence servicing schools across all of Georgia and the Southeast.

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